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MN581 Interpretation Of Common Diagnostic Labs In Pediatric Primary Care

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MN581 Interpretation Of Common Diagnostic Labs In Pediatric Primary Care

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Applying Current Evidence Based Practice Guidelines 

Assignment: Interpretation of Common Diagnostic Labs in Pediatric Primary Care

Nurse practitioners routinely order labs for a variety of reasons. Some labs are recommended as part of a certain wellness check. Some labs are tested at birth and repeated at regular intervals. Many labs are ordered to rule in or rule out a diagnosis or just to add to an objective data base along with physical examination, vital signs, image studies, etc. Some of the labs can be done at the point of care (POC) such as an Accu-Check®. Most all labs require a venous blood sample but may require different additives that are in the collection tube. Other samples include arterial blood, urine, sputum, spinal fluid, or exudate.

You will find the “Unit 7 Assignment Template” that you will use to complete this Assignment. It is organized to include information about a common lab test that you will be completing in pediatric primary care.

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