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-*Modifiable risk factors are a risk factors to cancer, that a person can control them (NCI, 2017). Cancer can be caused by environmental factors, diet and life style however our knowledge to the modifiable risk factors can impact for cancer exposure. Some of the modifiable risk factors for lung cancer are smoking, workplace risk factors, radon etc. so I would educate and recommend my patient to avoid those risk factors. For instance, quitting smoking can decrease the exposure to lung cancer. To do so smokers need advice from experts (counselor) on how to quit smoking such as the use of nicotine replacement products and antidepressants therapy. A person who quits smoking for 10 years can lowers his/her risk of developing lung cancer by 30% to 50% (NCI, 2017).

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A safe work place is a work place environment without chemicals that can cause to lung cancer such as asbestos, arsenic, nickel and chromium. In addition to that a work place should be smoke free to avoid secondhand smoke. Prevent high level of radon at your home for example on preventing leakage by sealing the basement (NCI, 2017).

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