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Managed care models and tools can be seen in health care systems around the globe. Today, U.S. private insurers and managed care organizations are partnering with local entities in other nations; however, this partnership has not come without its share of challenges.

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In your opinion, can U.S. managed care approaches be successfully implemented internationally? What are some of the challenges that have led to difficulties with those ventures? How are these challenges being dealt with? If possible, use an example to support your opinion.

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I think that the language barrier is probably is the hardest obstacle to overcome. While another one might be being able to maintain managed care and network issues. While their has to be some exchanges that already take place in certain situations due to people traveling to other countries and needing medical attention. I can say that I think there will ever be a fix to this issue, but it is something that will need continuous work.

In my opinion yes a managed care platform can be implemented successfully internationally. Italy and Greece which had a collapse of their governments in part of the financial strains of the cost of universal healthcare. Universal healthcare is a good idea however it can be a financial burden on government as well as the U.S. tiered healthcare system. Canada has so far been successful with universal healthcare as well as implementing private insurers such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield who provide BluCan to residents of Canada. BluCan works the same as BC&BS in the U.S. Many employers offer their employees BluCan coverage which the employees pay the premiums and receive a higher form of health insurance.

I think the difficulties are more financial and citizens resisting change. I believe the difficulties are yet to be discovered but that the difficulties will also lead to improvements, change and hopefully to a more structured, efficient and effective healthcare system.

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