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1) This week respond to the discussion about the role of physicians in your assigned area ( Urgent Care Centers) and how their behaviors, leadership, and responsibilities impact patient care, patient satisfaction, organizational financial strategies, government payers and insurance provides. How are they contributing to the cost containment or the cost rising of health care? What can they contribute with more insight to the business of healthcare to promote excellent care at the lowest cost? What unique programs or physician lead endeavors are already addressing this? Differentiate between facility based outpatient services and commercial (stand alone) services / delivery models.300 words



2) 300 words total



Part one


  • What are non-use values and how do they relate to the BP Oil Spill?
  •   What are some of the oil spill’s long-term effects predicted for wildlife and humans living in or on the Gulf?
  •       What common sustainability themes do you see in the BP Oil Spill article and other readings from this course? Be specific and cite relevant page numbers where appropriate.

Part two

pick one of the following biogeochemical cycles and describe the many ways humans are changing that cycle: carbonsulfurnitrogen, or phosphorous. Yes, water (hydrologic) is purposefully omitted from this list because we have addressed desertification and freshwater shortages repeatedly in previous weeks.


In your reply, discuss how humans are changing the rate or pathway of these once-stable cycles? You should consider inputs, outputs, new pathways, and rate changes in your discussion.

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