modelling and simulation

The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge gained through the lectures, tutorials, labs, and additional reading performed around the subject area, to a life-like scenario.


The focus of the assignment is to design and document a campus network that meets the requirements of a company.  You are expected to provide justification(s) for your decision(s). The justification(s) will provide an explanation for the options considered and the reason(s) behind choosing the selected option(s).



F&S is a manufacturing Company with a headquarters and two distribution and sales facilities in the UK.


The headquarters campus consists of ten buildings. Different buildings in the headquarters and number of floors in each building are listed below. No floor has more than 50 hosts.


Building Number of  Floors
Building 1 3
Building 2 3
Building 3 3
Building 4 3
Building 5 4
Building 6 3
Building 7 4
Building 8 4
Building 9 3
Building 10 3

(F&S  Headquarters)



The Current Network

The headquarters has a legacy Ethernet network. The existing network has had performance and availability problems and the company is finding the network increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain. In order to improve overall business efficiency and reduce costs, the company wants to replace the existing network with a more reliable and scalable network technology.

Current applications used are:


  • Databases
  • E-mail
  • File printing
  • HTTP



Users in building 8 use video conferencing.  IP is the only protocol routed on the network.



The F&S  has identified the following requirements:


  • Replacement of the exiting campus network with anetworking technology that is :

o   Scalable to support future applications and expansions

o   Reliable and fault-tolerant

o   Easy to manage and has a response time of approximately 1/10th of a second or less

o   Cost-effective


  • The company is also considering the possibility of running voice services on their data network and would like to investigate whether the campus data network can support this service.


You have been asked to analyse the F&S requirements, propose, design, simulate and document a campus network solution to meet the specified requirements of the company. Any network downtime would be detrimental to the company’s operation. Therefore, the network must be reliable and fault-tolerant. Your proposal needs to be well structured, documented and all points clearly justified.

  1. Rationale and discussion of the recommended campus network technology.


  1. Recommended appropriate physical network media. Discussion, specification, and justification of the selected physical network media.


  1. Recommended appropriate interconnection devices. Discussion, specification, and justification of the selected interconnection devices.


  1. Used OPNET Modeler14.5 to simulate the performance of proposed campus network using specified applications. Used a minimum of twenty appropriate statistics.List and discussed the purpose of each statistic in relation to the requirements. Simulation results are clear and appropriate.  Provided a detailed and clear discussion of simulation results, clearly specifying the importance and relevance of the simulation results in relation to the specified requirements and how the proposed network design meets these requirements.


  1. Used OPNET Modeler14.5 to simulate and investigate whether proposed campus network can also support voice service. Used appropriate statistics.List and discussed the purpose of each statistic in relation to the requirement. Simulation results are clear and appropriate.  Made used of simulation results to recommend further improvement(s) or confirm the suitability of campus network showing very good understanding of the issues.


  1. Detailed, complete, and clear physical hierarchical design documentation of the recommended campus network solution, clearly showing the location of nodes, servers, devices and their interconnection media.

7.Proposed networking infrastructure meets the F&S  requirements for availability and performance.


  1. Format, structure, flow and synthesis of the presented information.


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