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The majority of Muslims belong to the sect known as the:

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A. Sunni.

B. Shiites.

C. Kurds.

D. Alawis.


The Aswan High Dam was built as a result of the Nile Waters Agreement, concluded between:

A. Egypt and Sudan.

B. Algeria and Tunisia.

C. Turkey and Syria.

D. Egypt and Israel.


The mountainous region running through northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is the:

A. Maghreb.

B. Rub al Khali.

C. Negev.

D. Sudd.

Question The only country in Arab southwest Asia named after a family is:

A. Iraq.

B. Saudi Arabia.

C. Lebanon.

D. Syria.


The Gulf Cooperation Council is dominated by:

A. Iraq.

B. Saudi Arabia.

C. Kuwait.

D. Iran.


Mesopotamia, the “cradle of civilization,” is located in:

A. Egypt.

B. Iran.

C. Iraq.

D. Syria.


Foreign workers comprise eighty percent of the labor force in:

A. Iran.

B. Turkey.

C. Sudan.

D. Kuwait.


If quite unlucky, one might encounter a janjaweed while visiting southern:

A. Sudan.

B. Turkey.

C. Oman.

D. Israel.

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