second draft (euthanasia) for professor

the professor said that the paper should be fixed and he wrote some notes about it:-


*you need to use the first half of the page 1 for your introduction. After that, you are supposed to present your premises already.


*you only need to pick one issue. You cannot address many issues in a three-page paper.


*you need to present your own argument. Do not just simply give accounts of other people’s argument.


*it’s not clear whether you are expressing your opinions or describing what another person said. You need to make that clea.




the instructions :-


Times new roman double spaced font 12, 1 inche margin each side (3 pages) not include title page and work sited page


Address a philosophical issue

Something profoundly important but you can’t prove it using scientific method.


Title page:

Date, title, course name, student name.


First hafe of the first page (introduction: 1- state the issue you wanna address 2- state the position of the issue) you can use (I)


Second half of the first pageand the whole 2nd page is the premises.


(premises 2-3 total [1 paragraph per premise )

You have to state why each particular premise is true or plosubly true)


** (P1) a war is morally justified just in case it is a case of self defense.

(P2) the war in morally not a case defense.


(C) therefore the war in Iraq is morally unjustified




(P1) any act that unnecessarily kills human being is morally unjustified

(P2) Fetuses are human living.

(P3) most cases of abortion unnecessarily kill fetuses


(C) therefore, most cases of abortion is morally unjustified


3rd page first half paragraph (objections and respond)


objections: you need to consider an objection that directly challenges at least one of your premises (state it in the best way you can)


respond: resond directly to the objection


3rd page second half paragraph (concludeding remarks)

Don’t address any new issues in the concludeding remarks.

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