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Watch a feature length film from beginning to end taking note of the following: Write a 200 word response depicting the Title of the movie and answer the question below

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Media Analysis : Advertising Film

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  • Advertising: Take note of all the references (dialogue, direct product placement, etc.) of any commercial product or service in the film.

After completing the above, please address 1 of following points in your Media Analysis with a 400 – 500 word response:

  • What impact can advertising (content in the story, not before or after the screening) have on the creative elements of the story? Is it necessary, or are studios “selling out?” Does the significance of the story get tarnished?
  • Is product placement deceptive, should it be identified for what it truly is, such as advertorials are in magazines? In television, by law, all commercial messages must be identified. Do you think such a rule should be applied to movies?
  • If done correctly and not excessively, can product placement enhance character development because brand loyalty and product preference are ways of life?
  • Are good movies hard enough to make without having to worry about the branding needs of consumer companies or the script notes of marketing geniuses?

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