I have a paper due today – 3pm central time. I’ve had two other people try and work on it for me and they have done a terrible job. Neither addressed the question properly and the paper was not well organized. The grammer was poor and not well written. I am in a bind as I have had some family issues to take care of which is why I am here trying to find someone to help me.


This is what I need:

Question: Analyze the benefits and disadvantages of a more flexible and participatory workplace. Apply your analysis to a white-collar workplace with which you are familiar.


It needs to be around 900-1000 words in length with at least two references. I need it no later than 3pm today.  


It needs to be organized clearly with a good intro and conclusion. And needs to address everything in the question. Especially the last part about the analysis. 


I am also looking for someone I can build a relationship with for future assignments. I just haven’t found that yet. 

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