Requirements: Analyze the content of 10 advertisements. Your discussion should include the following: (1) the name of each product, where it was advertised (e.g., print media, radio, TV), and the amount of space or time devoted to the product; and (2) a sociological analysis of the ads (i.e., What sociological terms, theories, and/or research best apply here? Explain.)

Recommended length: 3 to 4 pages

This paper is a formal research paper and should be based on research findings and the literature (not your personal experiences and thoughts). You need at least one Academic or scholarly resource to support your use of sociological concepts. The Course Text and lecture notes do count in this category. Make sure to include citations in the body of the paper when you use information from a source and a reference at the end of the paper. You may include the links or citations for your ads at the end of the references list but that is not required. As a formal paper, do not use the first person “I” statements in this paper instead use the formal third person writing voice with statements like “the research shows” or “the author found”.

  • Clearly identify the Ads (use bold face or sub-headings). With each ad make sure to identify a sociological concept, theory or issue. You need to name it and define it before discussing it in conjunction with a particular ad. While you need to provide a basic description of the ad, the focus of this paper is upon the use of sociological concepts and information to analyze the ads. So you need to go further than just describing the ad by discussing issues that may not be intentional or explicitly stated like race, sex and gender, age and other factors associated with the intended audiences.
  • Make sure to have a title page, an introduction that sets up the paper, the 10 ads and discussion and a conclusion that brings the paper together and summarizes any major findings or issues. Make sure to include citations to support the use of sociology and a reference list. The format used in sociology is APA formatting – the American Psychological Association.

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