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Argumentative philosophy paper- Online advertisements

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Online advertisements are frequently designed to “get the most clicks”. How does this impact online advertising, and what might be the moral ramifications?



The form of your final paper should be comprised of the following elements:

  • A thesis, which should be stated in your introduction
  • Support for your thesis, why we should think it is plausible
  • Consideration of at least one counter-argument/counter-example


This essay is intended to be argumentative, by which you are expected to argue either for your thesis. Additionally, I am requiring that you consider at least one counter-argument, i.e. one of the arguments your opponent advances in favor of his or her position, and presenting your own argument against it.


One way to defuse an opponent’s argument is to pose an counter-example against her account. By “counter-example”, I mean something that would at least appear to be have to be covered by the position/theory you are supporting, but that does not (at least prima facie) appear to be so covered.


In the introduction, be sure to clearly state your thesis, that is, the position you intend to argue for. It should be crisp and succinct, requiring no more than one or two sentences. In the body of the essay, I advise that—if necessary—you first explain in greater detail (this should not be more than a paragraph or two) any details of your position that were inappropriately specific to be included in your introduction. Then, develop your argument, making clear which reasons you are advancing in favor of your position.

Once you have presented your arguments, consider (at least) one of your opponent’s arguments or counterexamples, giving reason(s) as to why one should favor your position over the opposing view. Conclude your essay by emphasizing or restating your position, without lapsing into uninspired summary.


You are encouraged to (and depending on the argument, may have to) include evidence from outside sources. But, be sure to cite those sources in your bibliography!  Feel free to contact me if you would like some ideas as to where to look for such external material.


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