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Assume that you are employed by Sahara, Inc. Sahara Inc is an up-and-coming on-line reseller of books, video games, and small household appliances. Projections for 2016 sales are looking up, and expected to be in the $750,000,000 dollar range, with 2017 sales expected to exceed $1 billion dollars. Sahara has a large scale data center housing the entire IT infrastructure of the company. It consists of  over 300 systems with multiple operating systems, and that there are 30-40 personnel there during normal operations.

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(a) Develop a complete asset inventory overview and create a detailed inventory for the tier 1 and tier 2 assets.

(b) Develop a strategy for periodically testing your inventory. Make sure your test methodology covers the troublesome area of asset classification: the “official” hardware inventory does not match a sampled inventory of the data center. For instance, the official inventory of a rack #VR15 shows 10 Dell servers running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, however the actual rack contains over 20 servers from Dell, HP, andLenovo running a variety of operating systems.

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