Assignment- Grief and Loss Scenario Questions

Directions: Read the scenario and answer the reflective questions based on the scenario. Each question should be 250 words and include four scholarly references to support your responses to the questions.


Lily Chan is a 65-year-old Cambodian widow. She has a history of physical ailments that cannot be explained by any medical reason. Mrs. Chan says she has had these for many years but they are getting worse since her husband passed away a year ago and her son moved to another state about 6 months ago. She has also begun to have vivid nightmares of things that happened during the war when she was a child including being separated from her mother when she left Cambodia. These are all impacting her normal daily living patterns that she and her husband were accustomed to. She also does not know what to do with her time, now that her husband and son are no longer present. Mrs. Chan also indicated that her son wanted her to move with him so that she would not be lonely, but she did not want to leave the home that she and her husband worked so hard for after becoming citizens in the United States.

Reflective Questions:

1. What types  of loss issues is Mrs. Chan experiencing?  How are these losses impacting her daily living?  Does age and culture play a factor in her loss?

2. What level in the grief process is she experiencing?  What type of resources does she need to help her in her level of grief?

3. as a Advocate, how would you assist Mrs. chan in connecting with the correct resources?

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