(1)   There is some controversy over U.S. immigration policy. What are the benefits and costs associated with increased or decreased immigration? What effects do you think increased or decreased immigration will have on jobs, security, and culture? How might this lead to social change?




(2)   After reading the functionalist, conflict and interactionist perspectives on health and illness in Schaefer (2015) Chapter 15, can you relate to their observations? Describe any experiences that you have had related to health and illness that correspond with one of the perspectives.






(3)   Do you favor the economic factors over protection of the environment? Why or why not?


•Would you be willing to house a chemical or nuclear waste repository in your neighborhood? Why or why not?




(4)   Proponents of environmental justice claim that racial minorities are disproportionally subjected to environmental hazards. Reflect on your views regarding environmental issues.




(5)   An expert discusses opportunities to create equality and fair access in the business world.






(6)   Explain why Self Interest, Compromise, and Social Change




(7)   Lessons from the Real World: Social Issues and Student Involvement.






(8)   What We’re Learning from Online Education.”

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