Discussion 1

Health Issues, Lifestyle Choice, and Social Justice

Consider general access to care, wellness practices, maintenance of health and prevention of illness, and treatment of illness (disease management). Briefly compare differences in scope (the extent and relevance to the issue of social justice) of two health conditions facing Americans today (obesity, chronic pain, tobacco use, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, et cetera). Be sure to describe the demographics of the two populations you choose. Cite readings to support your claims.

  • What kinds of early intervene strategies might social workers employ in their engagement with the two populations you chose to analyze, particularly in the context of social justice?
  • What are the American mindsets about the two issues you identified?
  • How can social workers influence these mindsets?

Discussion 2

Explain issues around access to care and prevention of illness as well as institutions that provide health care. Provide specific insights about health and wellness programs, as well as illness and disease management, for populations with limited health care benefits. How have health care reform efforts helped or hindered services to these populations?

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