Sociology essay

Type a two- to three-page, double-spaced essay with one inch margins all around. Use a normal font (Times New Roman, Courier, any default, etc.). You do not need to include your name or class information, just a title and then the text of your essay. No citations or references necessary. Double-check for spelling, grammar, and organization to present your ideas in the best light possible.


This essay deals with the concept of the hidden curriculum described in my lecture and in your textbook (pp.369; you may also want to browse the internet or Message me if you feel you need more explanation).  I want you to reflect on this concept and compare it to your personal experiences in the school system.

  • First: briefly describe, in your own words, what the term hidden curriculum refers to.  This can be just a couple of sentences, but make sure I can tell you understand the concept.

  • Second, provide an example from anywhere in your past schooling history (K-12 or college) in which you think you were being taught a hidden curriculum.  Describe how it happened (what about the school, curriculum, teaching method, etc.taught you this lesson), and what you learned (how to be a good lower-/middle-/upper class worker; how to fit into gender roles; etc. etc.).
  • Third and finally, explain why you think this hidden curriculum was helpful or damaging to your future after or outside of college.  Reference at least one real-world situation where these helpful or harmful lessons may affect an important outcome for you.

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