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The assessment for GBE804 Business Enterprise Operations: Marketing is comprised of twoassessments: a 20% Marketing Analysis assignment and an 80% Marketing Planassignment.

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Business Enterprise Operations 

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Assignment 1: Marketing Analysis


Entrepreneurial marketing requires the ability to understand market concepts and then to apply them to a business situation.

You are required to academically research and define key marketing concepts, and to apply them to a prescribed business (through actual or realistic examples). The topics you will be expected to research, define, reference and apply include:

1. Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)

2. Product or service strategy

3. Pricing strategy

4. Promotion strategy

5. Place strategy

6. Competition

7. Competitive advantage

Your submission is expected to have appropriate APA referencing and correct spelling and grammar.

Length: 1,000 words / 2 pages, plus appendices

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