For this final paper you should reflect back on the course material and discuss how it may/will impact you as a professional in your chosen field. While some topics covered may have been more far-ranging than expected, in fact all relate to the economic, political, business, and societal considerations and processes which inform public policy and administrative law. And public policy and administrative law have tremendous importance to the success of any organization in today’s world.

Here are some prompts that might help you get started, you don’t have to use them but can if you choose: Relating to the content in the text or related information you or classmates discovered about the formation and impact of public policy- what did you learn that most surprised you, or troubled you, or engaged you? Which content or information can you connect to your work or the industry you are in? As an HRM professional what content or information is applicable to your organization or one you would like to work in? As an HRM professional how/what content and information can you use to improve your organization and/or increase your effectiveness and value?

To clarify, I am not wanting to hear that you discovered the benefit (and joy) of using APA format or the AMA 8-step process, or that you think a carbon tax is the best or worst idea for dealing with global warming, or that China is a wildly diverse and challenging country in which to do business. Rather, I want to know what you will take with you regarding public policy and its impact & implications on you as an HR professional and your organization.

Your paper does not need to be in APA format. It should be in business memo format to me from you, no cover sheet needed. It should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced, using a common 12 pt font, in MS Word.

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