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Timmy is a 6-year-old child who has a tumor growing on the pituitary gland that is compressing the optic chiasm (where the left and right optic nerves partially cross), resulting in an inability to see the left side of the visual field with the left eye and the right side of the visual field with the right eye (called a hemianopsia).

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Case Study – different developmental levels of children

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Sara is a 14-year-old who has seizure-caused scarring on the fusiform gyrus, resulting in ventral stream disruption and prosopagnosia.

Compare and contrast the functional deficits that might be expected with Timmy and Sara, addressing physical, cognitive-academic, and social-emotional domains of functioning. Be sure to consider the different developmental levels of the two children. How would interventions differ for the two? When responding to your peers, think about how you would approach interventions compared to the examples given by your classmates.

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