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Unit IV Case Study

Compose a two- to three-page analysis that addresses the following questions:

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Case Study – exposure assessment

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1. What is the purpose of the exposure assessment? 2. Why was the exposure assessment conducted? 3. What type of sampling (personal or area) was conducted, and why? 4. What are the chemicals that were sampled, and what are their hazards? 5. What are the most likely routes of exposure given the nature of the business? 6. Describe the sampling equipment and methods used to collect the sample. 7. Provide an overview of the results, including an explanation of the “additive formula,” and discuss them in relation to the applicable exposure limit. 8. Were there any off-normal or unplanned incidents relative to sample collection? 9. Provide a summary of the recommendations made by Sam “IH” Sampler. 10. Comment on the thoroughness of the study. Did you feel that the exposure assessment was comprehensive? If not, what additional information would you provide? 11. Comment on who the target audience would be for this report. If you were the plant director of ACME Printing, would you be comfortable with sharing this with an auditor from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? Do you have any concerns related to sharing this with your employees?

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