Select One of the Following:

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  1. Midwest Hospital
  2. The Audit Team I

For this writing assignment, you will select one of the factual case studies from the list above and you will write a 2-3-page conflict assessment that you will present as a case study.:

In your case study, please make sure to address the following :

  1. For each case you have selected analyze the following:
    • The role of listening
    • Organization or impacts associated with listening
    • Identify any listening deficits
    • How could listening skills be improved in each situation
    • What hidden meanings exist and what impact does that have in the conversations
  2. Assume that you have been hired as a trainer to facilitate communication in the organization and you will be presenting your findings to the employees in a training session:
    • Indicate what issue seems most important to the organization in terms of listening and understanding
    • What are three listening skills you would emphasize to the individuals and provide them a reason as to the importance
    • Provide an example of how improved listening and communication could assist with outcomes
    • Describe how listening causes interpersonal conflict
    • Give three reasons people don’t listen and provide at least one “solution” to each listening problem

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