Write a two- to three-page paper (excluding title page and reference page), in which you discuss how cultural attitudes toward dying, death, and bereavement have changed. Include the introduction of hospice care and its role in this shift. Support your ideas with information from the text and from at least two other academic resources. Make sure you cite your sources in the text and on the reference page in proper APA format.

I do not have the current edition of this textbook. I will be sending pdf files of Chapter 14 that I have and some articles that may be used in this assignment. Below is the reference information for the textbook that I have.

Quadagno, J. (2008). Aging & the Life Course: An introduction to social gerontology (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

I must request that my writer or writers for these assignments understand that I will verify any and all information in their work. It is absolutely imperative that he/she understands that there are just some resources that are unacceptable. Below are the grading criteria and the information regarding sources.

Hospice and Attitudes toward Death
10 points possible
Content Criteria Weight
The student fully addresses all key elements listed in the assignment instructions 2
The content of the paper is comprehensive, accurate, well developed, and relates to the topic. 1
Thoughts and opinions are supported by specific details, facts, examples or analysis, and the content is logically organized. 3
Writing Skills
The paper has well-developed paragraphs with fully-supported topic sentences. 1
The paper is correct with respect to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. .5
Research Criteria
The paper includes at least two academic resources. 1
Style Criteria
The paper is two- to three-double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and is correctly formatted according to APA guidelines. 1
The paper begins with a well written and cohesive introductory paragraph and concludes with a cohesively written concluding paragraph. .5

What sources are NOT acceptable for academic research and referencing

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