• Each discussion should be 300 words or more
  • APA in-text citations and references are required for any external and textbook material provided. Excessive quotations (more quotes than your own words) will not award points.

Discussion Questions: (Remember: You may use ONE of these or any concept that you find in the chapter. You may start a new topic or respond to the existing one.)

  1. How have changes in society views toward certain types of crimes changed the amount of negative labeling that is associated with them? Provide examples.
  2. Discuss some of the laws that appear to be differentially enforced by the criminal justice system today. Why do you think this occurs?
  3. Discuss ways in which reinforcement or reinforcement schedules are used in everyday life. How do we use conditioning in the criminal justice system today? What factors seem to determine if the reinforcement is effective?
  4. Discuss the concepts of “modeling” and “imitation.” Do you believe violence on television translates directly into violence in real life?
  5. Ray Jeffery views materials sources of learning, including neurobiological sources of reinforcement/punishment, to be most important to a person’s behavior, while Ron Akers believes social sources of learning are most important. Discuss and justify your views on this issue.
  6. Taking learning theory as a given, along with the behavior modification and conditioning aspects, respond to charges that what we want to do to modify criminal and delinquent behavior is also being done by corporations (advertising) and government in its daily activities.

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