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After reading the theories of civic engagement and volunteering, interview five individuals from your community about their personal commitment to civic engagement and volunteering. Also take into consideration your own civic engagement and volunteering practices. Use the following questions as your guide during the interviews:

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Civic engagement and volunteering practices.

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1. What is the first name of the person interviewed, gender, age range, level of education and employment status?

2. Are you involved in any civic engagements or volunteer activities in your community? Name them.

3. Why did you choose to participate in these activities? OR Why haven’t you become involved in community events and volunteer opportunities?

4. Is it important for individuals to become involved in community events and to volunteer?

Summarize the responses from your interviews. Analyze the information. What were your findings? Were the results consistent with the information from Chapter 10 of the text? If not explain why. Conclude this assignment with your understanding of how this impacts you as an administrator of a Human Services Agency.

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