African American History (FINAL EXAM)

Compare and contrast the goals and strategies of at least 3 leaders of the southern Civil Rights Movement. 

  •  Discuss and contrast their opponents and allies, their achievements and limitations to the goals, strategies, opponents and allies, the achievements and limitations of at least 3 leaders during the Black Power and/or other radical movements in the post WW2 period using specific examples drawn from our readings. 25 points.
  • Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic crises faced by Black American from the late 1970s to the present.   Using specific examples discuss the differences and similarities of the leaders of the feminist, prison, hip hop, Black Lives Matter and other modern movements in terms of their ideology, tactics, or solutions from those of the past particularly Marcus Garvey, the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, SNCC, and the Southern Christian Leadership Council.  25 points


Typed double spaced on one side of the paper.  No page limit.  Open book but no collaboration.  No quotes over one line.  You can reference texts but no need for extensive footnotes except for direct quotes.

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