Consider the transfer of a large data file of 1 MBytes (1 million 8-bit characters) from station A to station B using packet switching technique. The two stations A and B are connected by a copper wire of 500 km long. The data rate of the line is 1 Gbps. The propagation speed is 2 x 108 m/s. The file is divided into frames, each of which has a frame size of 2000 bits including 160 bits overhead, before transmitting. Station A sends a block of 20 frames and waits for an acknowledgement (100-bit frame) from Station B before sending another block of 20 frames. Assume error-free transmission.

(i)Compute the one-way propagation delay, the transmission time for one data frame and the transmission time for one acknowledgement frame.

(ii)Compute the total elapsed time for sending 20 frames and getting the acknowledgement frame.

(iii) Compute the total time to transmit the entire data file.

(6 marks)

(iv) Compute the effective throughput of the system.

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