job analysis

The Staffing Project Paper requires students to conduct a job analysis, develop tasks and responsibilities for their approved job, and design a selection procedure for the job. Below are step-by-step instructions to help make the project easier.


First, select a job of interest to you.  Submit via email your top three job choices to the professor for approval by Monday of the second week of the course. Each student will have a different job for their project paper; therefore, it is important to submit your selection choice as soon as possible for the best chance of getting your first job choice.

Second, create a company, or use an existing company in which there is a fit for your approved job selection choice. In your paper you will provide an overview of the company and discuss how the job fits in the organization.


Third, conduct a job analysis for your approved job for your project paper. Be sure to provide in your paper a detailed discussion on how the job analysis was conducted. O-Net ( ) is a great resource for identifying KSAOs for a wide variety of jobs. You may also use other job websites to help develop the tasks and responsibilities for your approved job.


Fourth, using your job analysis, create a job matrix in which you will identify all of the tasks and responsibilities of the job. Do not simply copy and paste the tasks and responsibilities you found on the Internet. You are expected to utilize the Internet resources to develop the job matrix that fits your approved job and selected organization. You may find an example of the job matrix in the “Supplemental Material” folder on Blackboard. Include your completed job matrix as an appendix to your paper.


Fifth, use the information in the job matrix to provide a discussion in your paper on the tasks and responsibilities of the job. It is important to be detailed on each of the job’s responsibilities and the importance of each task.


Sixth, design a selection procedure (i.e., interview, job sample performance test(s), cognitive ability test(s), personality inventory, a polygraph, reference checks, a physical exam if appropriate, etc.—whatever the approaches you deem necessary for hiring the right candidate for the job) for the company you created, or the one in which is being used for the paper project. For each assessment method used in the selection procedure, you must discuss the validity, reliability, utility, and the legal implications. Also, be sure your project paper incorporates peer-reviewed journal articles to support your work.

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