Consider the possibility that the two candidates competing for the Presidency in the Fall of 2016 are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. What are the strengths and weakness of each in terms of electability considering their respective political bases and their ability to lure others to vote for them?  How is this likely to play out in terms of the Electoral College election? Do you think the pundits have missed something in terms of their respective chances to win? If so, what?

It is expected that each student will produce at least two posts on this Discussion Board.  One should be reflective of your position on the topic (minimum of 250 words) and one should be a response to another students posting or that of the professor (minimum of 100 words). To further clarify the assignment, it is not expected that the long posting would exceed 400 words -it may be less, but the minimum is 250 and the short posting is not expected to exceed 175 words – it may be less, but the minimum is 100 words.

The most important aspect are to be sure to provide at least the minimum length and to provide thoughtful discussion postings.

Remember you are required to have two postings as per the syllabus.

Do so in a thoughtful and respectful manner.  Be sure to complete the work fully by the deadline which is Sunday, June 5, 2016.

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