Consider your response to the Unit 8 discussion, “Consultation Case Study.” The agency director was very pleased with your consultation and has asked that you make a recommendation for an evidence-based outcome measure that could be utilized to evaluate client gains. Utilize your text as well as the scholarly literature to search for mental health outcome measures. Be sure to consider aspects such as cost, administration, and scoring of the data. If you found your measure on the internet, attach a copy of the measure. Then respond to the following:

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  • What type of research did you use to determine what evidence-based outcome measure to select?
  • How will you go about implementing a program evaluation model to determine client gains?
  • What will you utilize for a measure, who will do the work, how will you critically evaluate the research, and how will you convey the results?
  • How will you ensure that the strategies you have selected for interpreting and reporting the results of your work are ethically and culturally relevant?
  • How will you use the data you collect to increase the effectiveness of your efforts?

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