social media

KATHARINE HEPBURN, HARVEY MILK, and FRED KOREMATSU all tried to create social change the culture and laws of the societies they lived in.

In an essay of about 750 words (about three typed pages, double spaced) discuss what each one of them did. What was the issue (or issues) they were dealing with? Racism? Sexism? What social issue do we identify them with — and what did they do about it?

What did they do, how did they act in order to try to create social change? What method or methods did they use? And in particular — how did the media of their times affect what they did? Did they “use” it? Did it help or hurt them? Or both, at different times…?

Think it through for each, and be sure to connect their lives to the media that connected them to the times they lived in. They all received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. They are all great Americans. Why do we think that about them?

This essay will be worth 20 POINTS.

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