it should be 4 to 5 pages. Answer both short answer essay questions.

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1.According to the video “American war on Drugs” and the lectures on the drug war what is the relationship between the government and the drug market?  Do those in positions of power want to win the war on drugs? What is the relationship between race and the war on drugs?  How is the prison population impacted by the war on drugs?  And could those in power do something different to protect those who are victimized by drug use and the drug war?

2.Please discuss in detail the difference between the consensus and conflict models of theorizing?

3.Explain Marx’s inherent contraindications of capitalism and how it relates to deviance. Give an example of a deviant act of your choice?

4.Please explain Hirschi’s Control Theory.  Please discuss all four components and explain how theyoperate as mechanisms of social control?

5.Explain the Labeling Theory and how labels create deviance. Labeling theorists concern themselves with primary deviance and secondary deviance. Explain these 2 types of deviance. Explain what a master status is.

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