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Customer building strategies allow a company to get to know their customers and in turn determine better strategies to improve customer service based on customer needs and wants. You practiced with these concepts in the Learning Activity. Now you will apply what you learned.

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The Customer Defined Experience

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The Customer Defined Experience

Read the scenario and then respond to the checklist items.

Hello CSR,

I just ordered towels and cannot seem to get the website to provide assurance that the color of these items I chose are in fact the items that are going to arrive. Also, I got no confirmation the order went through. Can you assist since I need these as soon as possible?


Checklist: Describe the following:

  • Define the customer service problem using your CSR Tool Belt.
  • How would the CSR resolve the problem from the customer’s perspective using the CSR Tool Belt?
  • How could this company ensure customer defined service going forward? What would they need to change and why?

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