Use the University of Phoenix Material: Revision Analysis as a checklist or prewriting tool before you write your response.

Write a 300- to 400-word response to the following in a new Microsoft® Word document:

Describe, in detail, the feedback you received from WritePoint®, from the Plagiarism Checker report through the Center for Writing Excellence, from your facilitator, and from any peers in a peer-review thread.

Explain the changes you will make to revise your own paper based on this feedback.

In your response, explain whether you have met each item listed in the University of Phoenix Material: Revision Analysis. If you answered yes, explain what you have done in your paper to meet these criteria. If you responded no, explain what changes you will make to successfully complete that requirement before submitting your final draft.

Respond to every item in the checklist.

Add a correctly formatted title page.

Submit your 300- to 400-word response along with your completed checklist.

Review the additional resources from the Center for Writing Excellence for further support:

Using Effective Transitions
Using an Essay Checklist
Using Peer Review

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