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Read the article, “Lay Christian Counseling and Client Expectations for Integration in Therapy” by Garzon, Worthington, & Tan (2009) provided in this module/week. Also, incorporate Clinton & Ohlschlager (2002) Chapter 18, Lay Helping, from your text into your answer.

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describe and discuss the 4 lay counseling models

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Garzon, Worthington, and Tan (2009) describe and discuss the 4 lay counseling models:

  • Active-Listening Approach
  • Cognitive and Solution-Focused Approach
  • Inner Healing Approach
  • Mixed Approaches

Briefly describe 1 of these models. As you summarize it, discuss pros and cons of the approach. Which approach do you feel you most closely align with? Which would you hope to utilize? Explain why.

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