The genogram should be accompanied by a 9 page paper (12 point font double spaced). Remember that page length refers to the body of the paper and not the bibliography. The paper should show evidence of critical engagement with class readings as well as independent research, and contain appropriate footnotes and bibliography. Include no less than eight (8) footnotes from scholarly resources. Quotes from class discussions, PowerPoint presentations and non-academic sources are not acceptable. Paper should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (see latest edition of

Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations). Utilize the following outline for the paper:


Section I (1 page): Describe your family. What were you impressions regarding your family of origin BEFORE you began your research?

Section II (4 pages): This section is the heart of the assignment! Apply family systems theory to your family of origin, identifying and discussing across all four generations any: triangles; coalitions; alliances; cut-offs; gender, ethnic and class influences. Clearly describe the family patterns, types of relationships and roles within your family genogram? What patterns are prominent, within and across generations? What relationships or issues most captured your attention or surprised you? Why? What specific issues, relationship dynamics or family secrets surfaced? What present issues have their roots in the family’s past? What role do you play in your family?

Section III (2 pages): Discuss the significant lessons gleaned from this assignment and how it has shaped and/or changed your thinking about your family of origin.

Section IV (2 pages): Most importantly, discuss in-depth how your family’s dynamics contribute to or influence your practice of pastoral ministry? The central purpose of this assignment is to develop self-awareness about family of origin influences on pastoral ministry perspectives and practices.

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