“Course Wrap-up” Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss the advantages of understanding accounting as it relates to your current or future position. (Consider careers in management, sales, business operations, finance, and business ownership.)



Reflection” Choose one (1) of the following to discuss:

  • Identify three (3) ideas that you learned in the course that surprised, confused, or intrigued you, and explain the reasons why.
  • Write three to four (3-4) sentences about your cultural event experience for Assignment 3.
  • Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report

Assignment 3

Cultural event report.

I attended a successful cultural event based on the accounts of our feelings and behavior at the National Gallery of the art museum. This was at the beginning of this month. The events were more of social interactive sessions that focused on building Interdependence and Trust among different races. The events started with people being grouped into different groups. An introductory statement was held to each group by the organizers, thanking everyone for coming and looked forward to a thoughtful cultural event. The first activity involved a presentation from various music artists and a guitar performance of a song from the Japanese. Then there followed a play with racial themes and eventual dance performance. The different sets of questions involved whether one is affected by race, how one feels when talking to other races, how one feels about his race, how an individual view on race has changed, the kind of tools needed to interact with other races, what makes one want or not want to interact with other races, how an individual feels about his or her race. This was a cultural activity aimed at measuring how past experiences of individuals from the discussions. Participants gave stories to illustrate their feelings. They expressed their opinions, made funny jokes and spoke about circumstances that are hypothetical.

In many cases, the themes that were coming out portrayed warnings and major concerns stating the guidelines for individual beliefs and conduct. The guidelines involved: it is necessary for not being aware of the race of someone, our society is structured concerning racial, and each race has its own race preferences, segregation has been there all along. However, we can tell someone’s race, but we don’t have to think it that way because people are ethnocentric

The differences which exist do not basically mean anything bad but individual contacts with people from other races. We are different culture products and individuals must be exposed to learn about other people’s culture.

There were various emotional responses that the participants from various groups had on the topic of race relations. The participants named their explicit feelings that they had concerning different racial experiences. They discussed discomfort feelings because of the awareness of colour. One woman said that he was disturbed because people hated her for having friends from another race. A man was sad that he was feeling very uncomfortable when he had toured West Africa because he was actually one of the few blacks around. Another woman said that she was bothered when her black friend told her that she was often followed by the security guards of the store. However, other participants expressed their feelings that they had found a lot of comfort in various situations with the majority of people who had a different colour. The first participant experienced much comfort living in the multicultural metropolitan. This area had many people from different races but had no conflicts.

These cultural activities at the museum highly reflect much of my studies in class that racial discrimination hampers development. It was a significant event that demonstrated how different races can work as a team and solve much of their problems together.  Participants were able to identify that people from different races have different capabilities. Apart from teaching different races on how to work collectively and communicate efficiently, it also brought about a common goal of winning together as people who live in the same environment. This cultural activity is often held to close the gap between different races of people.

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