Answer All Seven (7) Questions In a Word Document. Type: SOC 223 Test 2, Your Name & Your Class Time Period i.e. T-Th 1:40-3:55On The Top Of Each Page

  1. Compare and contrast with examples: 1) the symbolic interactionist, 2)functionalist and 3)the conflict perspective; on violence.
  2. Compare and contrast the two sides of the gun control debate.
  3. Discuss the Chambliss study on the saints and the roughnecks and explain the social impact of labeling.
  4. Explain strain theory and the five responses Robert Merton outlines to cultural goals.
  5. Discuss the various ways in which the criminal justice system acts to hinder justice and equal treatment.
  6. Discuss Zimbardo’s study. Explain what it tells us about how social interactions in the prison setting effect individuals and what possible disfunctions incarnation may have on society.
  7. Compare and contrast the 4 different social policies toward criminals and explain the straights and weakness of each.


    Name brendan Schade

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