• Culture of Poverty

    Discuss the concepts of “culture of poverty” and empowerment related to poverty.

    • How do social beliefs or definitions of poverty impact the culture of poverty?
    • What other factors beyond economic status shape the culture of poverty?

    Response Guidelines

    Respond to at least one learner. Compare the usefulness of the explanations between their theories and yours to understand poverty and extend the dialogue.

  • Violence as a Social Justice Issue

    Consider research evidence on the efficacy of interventions in criminal behaviors and efforts for preventing crime. How do authors of this unit’s readings define crime and violence as social justice issues? What interventions are used to work with people involved in the legal system (provide one for perpetrators, one for victims) and how well do they appear to work?

    Response Guidelines

    Respond to at least one learner. Suggest alternative explanations or provide additional detail to extend the dialogue. Support your claims with references and avoid giving your opinions or personal experiences as evidence.

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