Generally, I am expecting responses about 2 page  in length, but clarity and insight are more valued than verbosity. Finally, what you submit must be your own work. It may be based on published and on-line references (these should be cited), but cut-and-paste jobs are plagiarism and thus cheating.

What areas of human sexual behavior, perhaps including some overlooked by Kinsey, would you cover in the survey?

1) Alfred Kinsey is widely regarded as a pioneer in the area of scientific investigation of human sexual behavior. Imagine that you are researcher interested in updating Kinsey’s survey of sexual behaviors for the 21st century. How would you select and recruit a representative sample of adults for the survey? How large of a sample would you need to have in order to insure statistical significance? Would your survey be limited, like Kinsey’s, to the USA? What interview techniques would your team employ?


2) Discuss the myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions concerning HIV/AIDS that were common during the start of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980’s. How have public perceptions and knowledge concerning HIV/AIDS changed from that time to the present?


3) Complete the work sheet, “Is this harassment”, posted in the course documents section of the course Blackboard site.


4) Detail what actions or interventions you would take as a parent, if your child were intersexed – that is, having genital characteristics of both male and female. Do you agree or disagree with recommendations that you access on internet intersex support sites? Would you intervene in early childhood, at puberty, or not at all?


The end.


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