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Discussion: Creativity and ambiguity (Extended Debate)

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One of the classic debates in physics revolves around the strange behaviour of light. In some experiments, it acts like a wave.

In other experiments, it acts like a particle. One approach to this problem is to ‘solve’ it-to determine once and for all which it is.

If the experimental evidence of the past hundred years is any guide, this route will lead to frustration. The other approach is to

accept that different experiments yield different results and to hold both as truths-despite that fact that these two truths are

contradictory. Allowing for ambiguity frees research for creative ‘play’; since the truth of one or the other approach is not at

stake, much more creative work can be envisioned. However, just because an approach is creative may not garner it favours,

particularly with those who feel strongly one way or the other! In this Discussion, you will consider the relationship between

ambiguity and creativity and consider how a person’s colleagues react to it in their midst.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: It has been shown that tolerance for ambiguity is closely related to creative-thinking skills. In other words, creative

persons are not convinced that ‘there is only one truth’ and are ready to challenge ‘the current truth’.

Provide two examples of persons facing troubles from rejecting ‘the only truth’-one from history and one from your organisation

or neighbourhood. Discuss whether they won or lost in their effort-and in what way this occurred.

Respond: Respond to your colleagues.

at least over 800 words

Homework 2

Why do people do what they do-what makes them tick? Often in a business setting the answer seems obvious: money. You do

a job because you are being paid to do it! However, the answer is rarely that simple. There are many jobs that involve long

hours and hard work that are not well-compensated. By the same token, there are some jobs that are well-paid that do not call

forth high levels of passion and energy. While money is a great motivator, what other factors may also be at play, either

because of or in spite of the financial rewards? In this Discussion, you will consider different kinds of rewards that you have

experienced and how they relate to motivation.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Give an example of intrinsic reward and an example of extrinsic reward you have met with recently. Which of those had a

bigger influence on you and why?

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