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Prepare a 1–2 page report documenting the exploration of vital statistics at the national and state levels.

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document the exploration of vital statistics at the national and state levels.

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Visit the CDC National Center for Health Statistics to explore national vital statistic results with a focus on birth rates, death rates and cancer rates. Next, explore the vital statistics in you respective state health departments.

  • Select a vital statistic to study. Choose from a) birth, b) death, or c) cancer rates within your home state.
  • Then select the most current data on vita statistics topic for the last 2 years reported. Compare and contrast them, what is the trend being reported. Based on the results, make a prediction of how your state data trend will compare to the national data. Explain why you think your trend prediction is what you’ve stated.
  • Utilize the CDC site, find the corresponding data at the national level and evaluate the national results against their state results. What is the trend?
  • Was your trend predication regarding your state data compared to the national data correct? Explain the outcome.
  • Include the specific web links where data was found.


State Health Departments

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