Discussion question

Discussion question I only need three to four sentences per question no APA or MLA.

1-We think of the “traditional family” as husband, wife, and two kids, with the wife staying home to raise the kids. Yet, this family pattern has not been the norm for most societies or for most of U.S. history. Why do we call this the traditional family? What benefits and costs are associated with this type of family?


2-Class, in what ways are families changing in the United States? What do you think that the consequences of viewing family in these strict terms are? How does it relate to processes of inequality that we discussed last week? Do you think that we are seeing good changes in how families are viewed today?


3-Class, do you think that we will see a time when more diverse expressions of families are appreciated in our culture? What evidence do we see of trends towards more acceptance of diverse family forms? Is there evidence that two parent male female households are still given more power in this country?


4-Class, given what we learned last week about inequalities in our society, especially racial and ethnic inequalities, why do you think the multiracial families are only now becoming more visible in society? What might the benefits to society be of having these types of family structures?


5-Why is education such a powerful influence in our society? Can someone be a productive member of society without an education?


6-Class, what have some of the consequences been to requiring higher and higher degrees for jobs? How are people paying for college educations? What are the challenges with high tuition? On the other hand, what benefits are there to having a more educated labor force?


7-Class, what might explain why religion is held as so important to so many people? What functions does religion provide for society? Do you think that we as a country are moving away from religion or becoming more religious? Why do you think so?


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