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Consider a leader that you feel has an effective leadership style. It should be someone that you either know well or is a public figure. You should be able to access enough information about this individual to analyze their leadership approach and the results. The industry or position is irrelevant, as long as you would consider this person a leader and can address each of the points below.

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Consider the theories described in the textbook, and choose one framework by which to analyze this leader. Describe your findings in your discussion post.


In your post, you should include the following:


• The name and position of the leader and followers, and a brief description of why you choose the leader.

• A brief description of the framework or theory you chose for your analysis (e.g., leader-member-exchange theory).

• A detailed description of how the theory applies to this individual’s leadership approach (e.g., if choosing transformational leadership, you should analyze and report on idealized influence, individualized consideration, etc.)

• A brief discussion of the results of their leadership (e.g., highly committed followers), and make any relevant connections with the research described in the text.

• Finally, describe any ways in which the leader differs from what is expected given the theory (e.g., highly transformational, with the exception of engaging in individualized consideration).

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