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1.  Discuss and explain what is meant by the following quote from the module: “Emotions are said to motivate behavior, particularly toward a goal.” half a page

2.  According to Arousal Theory, a physiological response to an inducer or motivating agent consumes and expends energy, depending on the level of arousal. Discuss the following emotions in terms of expectations about the level of arousal and action readiness (the state of preparedness to execute a particular kind of behavior). half a page

º  Fear

º  Grief

º  Joy

º  Anger

3.  Emotions are clearly very subjective experiences. One of the key factors influencing emotional response is stimulus appraisal. Stimuli can be internal sensations and nervous system activation or external stimuli. Discuss the role of stimulus appraisal in dictating an emotional response. Discuss the role of cognition in this appraisal and also address the impact of a negative versus a positive stimulus on appraisal.half a page

4.  Emotions can occur in the absence of awareness. Several research studies implicate the role of the amygdala in mediating emotional responses to external stimuli in various species, including humans. half a page

find a research article published after 2008 that describes the role of the amygdalain mediating emotional responses and motivated behaviors. You are free to select a paper for either human participants or non-human subjects. Write a summary of the paper, making sure to address the following:(1 page for all)

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1.  Purpose of the investigation, with 2–3 sentences about the background of the investigation, and the question addressed (It is important that you write this part specifically about how the role of the amygdala will be addressed.)

2.  Participants or subjects

3.  Experimental design (Include apparatus, control, and experimental variables.)

4.  Results (Include discussion of values obtained for the control and experimental variables and how these were analyzed.)

5.  Conclusions and interpretation about the role of the amygdala in emotional responses

6.  Cite the article and any other sources in APA citation format

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