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Employee “burnout” is common, yet there is little empirical research or understanding of it. In this discussion assignment, we will be exploring burnout.

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Part A. Describe a time in which you have experienced burnout, either as a student or employee. What led to the burnout? How did you feel and think while experiencing it? How did you overcome burnout?


Part B. In your textbook, the author provides two suggestions for reducing burnout. The two suggestions provided by the author for reducing burnout are (1) getting a break or vacation or forgetting about work during nonworking hours and (2) organization encourage managers to provide emotional support to employees by providing positive feedbacks and engaging in discussions of positive aspects of work. (B) Within the context of being a college student, describe three ways, specific to this, that you think are best for overcoming burnout. Make sure to support your suggestions with details and explanations. Your answer should reflect a strong understanding of the material presented in the book, expanding beyond this to present your own views.  (125 Words)

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