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Essay on police corruption, police misconduct, and police brutality.

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Write a 1.000 word essay on police corruption, police misconduct, and police brutality. 


Write each of these topics (below) as a (sub-header) in your paper followed by the answer. The sub-header will be written (verbatim), centered and in boldface.






1) Provide a definition of the following: 1) police corruption, 2) police misconduct, and 3) police brutality.   


2) Research two current cases within the last 10 years:  a) one case on police corruption and or misconduct, and b) one case on police brutality.  


3) Describe the details of each of these cases, keep the cases separated.  


4) What were the outcomes of each of these cases?


5) Did you agree with the outcomes of these cases?


Provide at least 2 references that are NOT or from a web site. Preferably, a peer reviewed article or from a book.  You can use the class text book(s). 


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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