Topic of your Essay: Your Mus111 course investigates a wide variety of introductory level topics in music – principles of design, complexities of the listening experience, and the cultural significance of a variety of music from the Western classical tradition dated from the ancient world to today. In addition, we examine how the cultural significance of represented works may directly represent the experience of the musician and/or composer and portray a general cultural experience. In this essay assignment you are to describe in detail your musical culture and the role music has played in your life. Your 500 to 800-word essay must include the following information:

1) A brief biographical sketch that includes your birthplace, any ethnic affiliation, early childhood, places of residence, education, and family life.

2) A detailed description of the role of music in your life. This may include early childhood exposure to music, various styles that have influenced your cultural identity, present listening tastes, and the various contexts in which you listen actively or passively to music.

3) A self-analysis of how you express yourself through music. This may include why you listen to specific artists or specific songs, why you identify with particular styles and/or lifestyles of the music scene, how specific music reflects your cultural values, and why you choose not to identify with other types of music and/or music lifestyles.

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