The piece should be double-spaced and type written, 2-3 pages in length. The writing will be worth 60 points. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down examines the cultural miscommunication that occurred during the medical treatment of the child of Hmong refugees in the United States.  In this assignment you are a medical anthropologist tasked with writing a letter to Lia Lee’s doctors. In the letter, 1) explain how, as an anthropologist, you would study the problem they are experiencing delivering treatment to the Hmong community in Merced in order to devise a solution; 2) explain the Hmong approach to epilepsy and its treatment in comparison with the 3) Western medical approach to epilepsy and its treatment and 4) explain how these differing approaches come from the conflicting worldviews of the Hmong and Western medical practitioners. Please discuss the anthropological concepts of the self, personhood, and religion that we discussed during the second part of the semester in your letter in order to persuade Neil Ernst and Peggy Philip to employ your services.



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