sociology essay

Apply Felson’s Routine Activities Theory to your life. You must cover where you live while attending UD and either where you go for recreation and fun, or where you work, or where you go to study. You should clearly identify each section in your paper, so it is clear what area you are analyzing. You should focus on your life today (e.g. don’t talk about where you lived last year or where you went to high school). Where are YOU at risk for property crimes and physical assaults? Use 4-10 diagrams or photos, for EACH of the two evaluated areas, showing safe and risky locations in your life. Make sure that these are in enough detail to show the reader specifics. Explain what makes a location safe or risky. If a location is risky, explain what can be done to make improvements. This paper is to be word processed, 1 inch margins, 12-point font, double spaced, one-sided, have a cover page and stapled together – if your paper is too thick to staple together, you may staple the body of the paper together and then staple the appendix together – if you do this you must use a binder clip to keep the two parts together – DO NOT use paper clips, plastic covers, folders, etc). You should also number the body of the paper beginning with page 1 after the cover page – you do not need to use page numbers in the appendix.

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