Assignment 3: Validity of Childhood Trauma Websites

Help us build a collection of high-quality, scientifically based websites on Childhood Trauma.  Click this link to learn about website validity:

Using the criteria found in the article above, find 3 websites on childhood trauma, and comment on the accuracy and credibility or each site, placing your comments in the table provided. Then choose a website that illustrates poor credibility and explain why you find it disreputable, in the final column of the table.    Post this table as your Assignment, in the format of an attachment.

Website #1 Website #2 Website#3 (disputable)
Publication process
Authorship and affiliations
Sources and quotations
Bias and special interests
Author qualifications
Publication information

You will be graded on:

  Possible points Student points
Appropriateness of websites chosen 25  
Clarity of your description of each site. 25  
Quality of your analysis of the sites. 50  



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